bret bollinger

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Bret Bollinger in an American musician who is best known as the lead singer and bassist for the rock band, Pepper. Bollinger was born in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, and started Pepper his senior year of high school in 1997 with his childhood friends. Over the past two decades the band has sold over a million albums worldwide and toured extensively across the globe, including all of the United States and over 50 other countries.

Bollinger is currently launching a solo career having just released his debut LP, “LO-FI”, in November of 2018. LO-FI showcases a vintage reggae/rock sound, while also providing a fresh take on the genre. In his own words: 

“The LO-FI LP is a compilation of recordings sessions with my backing band of musical misfits “the Bad Habits”. The idea was to create a vintage feel by recording many of the instruments and vocals live, through predominately analog studio gear. We wanted to pay homage to the early 70’s kinky, warm and “vibey” dynamics while also adding our own unique flavors, to ultimately create an album that sounds both vintage and contemporary. LOw-FIdelity invites you to remember the warmth of your favorite vinyl classics while presenting a refreshing twist on a popular genre.”