Vana liya


Nirvana Goberdhan grew up in Deer Park, New York, about 45 miles east of Manhattan. Her parents are from Guyana, at the southernmost end of the Caribbean. From early on, Vana was surrounded by soca, calypso, dancehall, reggae music.

For Christmas of 2014, her mom gave her a ukulele and a few years later, she began covering songs by her favorite artists like Sublime, Slightly Stoopid and Pepper. The combination of the ukulele and her soft voice put a unique twist on some reggae-rock staples.

After gaining some traction, in April of 2018 Vana signed with LAW Records and released her debut single and EP. Since then, Vana has been touring relentlessly and is in the process of working on a new studio album to be released in 2020.